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    Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT for Men & Women)

    Bioidentical hormone therapy refers to the use of hormones, through supplementation or
    replacement to help patients attain their optimal hormone levels. This is accomplished by using
    hormones that are molecularly identical to those produced in the human body. The prescriptions
    are compounded by specialized pharmacies to produce a dosage that is unique to the individual
    patient based on their lab work. At Wellness in You, we do not guess, we test.
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    Metabolic Code Assessment

    Metabolic Code Assessment is a survey and analysis of symptoms that leads to a targeted plan of care for nutritional and vitamin supplementation. The system is the product of 30 years of research and design by clinicians in conjunction with researchers at Georgetown University. Stop guessing what you need and what to take. Stop wasting your money on supplements and vitamins of questionable potency and value. Let us help guide you in the appropriate selection of supplementation from pharmaceutical grade supplements. Know with certainty that you are getting what you pay for.

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    Nutraceutical & Vitamin Assessment

    Nutraceutical & Vitamin Supplementation is available with Wellness in You. We can assess your needs through multiple means, history, labs and physical exam. Coupling this with the Metabolic Code we obtain a profile that is uniquely yours, truly individualized medicine, not one size fits all. By partnering with Metabolic Code and Fullscript, we provide our patients with the best in pharmaceutical grade nutrition, supplements, and vitamins. This means you are obtaining guaranteed potency in the most bioavailable forms. This assures our patients of best quality at the most competitive prices. 

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    Weight Management

    Our weight management program will utilize an integrative approach since multiple factors may influence weight gain or loss.  We will therefore consider all of the following when counseling with patients: hormone balance, exercise, nutrition, sleep, fatigue and stress.  We will counsel with each patient to select the best approach for each individual person.  Nutritional and/or hormonal supplementation may be suggested based on testing.

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    Thyroid Assessment

    Thyroid Assessment and optimization is available at Wellness in You. Following a history and physical, along with your account of symptoms we can test, assess, evaluate and manage your thyroid concerns for optimal function. Thyroid is after all another hormone, along with estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone that make up or hormonal harmony for optimal health.

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    Essential Oils Coaching

    Essential oils are a popular alternative and complimentary approach for those seeking a natural approach to healthcare.  However, all essential oils are not created equal.  Let us help you select the best quality oils and to use them properly in a program of healthcare for you and your family. It can be confusing knowing how to use the many different oils. How do I find the best quality oils? Which ones are for inhalation/diffusing? Which ones are for ingestion? Which oils can be used during pregnancy or lactation? Which oils are safe for use in children?  Which oils can be used on pets or around the house?  Which oils can be used neat and which ones need a carrier oil? Which carrier oils are best for which uses?  These are a few of the questions we can assist you with when trying to best use essential oils.

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    Skin Care & Aesthetics Assessment

    We provide Botox, dermal fillers, and skin cancer screening exams.

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    At Home Concierge Wellness Program

    At Home Concierge Wellness program provides home visits to those patients  that are unable to leave home to attend their medical appointment. This allows your provider to provide a  comprehensive  assessment and ongoing management of every aspect of your healthcare needs at home.   You will pay a flat rate for this service in addition to your visit . Please see the financial policy for more information on this service.

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